I'm a graphic designer that is based out of the city that never sleeps.  I have an incredible passion for capturing and illustrating both movement and energy, whether it be in digital or print design, as well as photography. You'll often find me with a camera slung across my back or a sketchbook in my arms, always observing, thinking, measuring, and imagining new design possibilities waiting to be brought to life.  My keen attention to design details has carried over greatly to my passion outside of work, Olympic Weightlifting.  Olympic Weightlifting is a form of art in itself, with each movement being carefully calculated and meticulously executed.  With each lift being so incredibly technical, there is hardly any margin for error when training or competing.  I am as dedicated to succeeding in my weightlifting training as I am in my creative execution.  I've gained an incredible amount of physical strength and mental steadfastness that reinforces my ability to remain determined to solve design challenges, despite how daunting they may be. I am always  fueled by a desire to perform exceptionally well, whether it be in my work, or in my sport. I'm also a firm believer that hot sauce makes absolutely anything taste good.